Welcome to Highlander Studios, Inc.

     Some updates to PHP 5 at Bluehost have left me scrambling to get a new website built. It seems that when they switch over, my shopping cart, built with OS Commerce, will no longer function. So… here we are with a new format and a new shop built with WordPress and WooCommerce. There are a few bugs with the shipping module that I may update with a plug-in later, but for now, we’re up and running and mostly transferred to the new format. The shop and contact pages should work as they are supposed to, but please bear with me as I continue to add content to the other pages.


     One of the added benefits of the transfer is that I can now do all of the website modification myself. That’s handy since my web guy has been awol for about four years now. It’s been a hectic week while I researched platforms and alternate hosting, but I’m content with the current solution. Take a look around. The site should be a little easier to navigate than the previous one. Checkout is fairly simple and still uses the PayPal gateway for security. Please don’t hesitate to send comments or notices about any errors you may find. I’ll correct them as quickly as possible. You can use the contact page.


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     For now the blog is still at Blogspot. The menu link will take you there. The contacts page has social icons that you may use to follow me on FaceBook or Twitter. The RSS feed button doesn’t work and I can’t find how to remove it without removing all of the others. The side bar to the right is pretty straight forward. You can navigate to all of the product categories from all of the pages and you can see what’s in your cart at a glance while you shop or look around. Checkout can also be reached from the side bar.

     Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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